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Why She Coaches

Donna’s life experiences are definitely unlike any others. From being homeless, working as an electrician, and getting divorced, to driving a Maserati, owning two RE/MAX franchises and several corporations, and uprooting her life and starting over as a single mom, she's done it all. 

People constantly asked her, “How did you do it? How do you redesign your life over and over again?” So she finally wrote it down. Donna published the first edition of “Dream Bigger, Live Better” in hopes of inspiring others around the world. With her book now in its second edition, Donna currently teaches others how to actually design and achieve the lives they dream of, just as she did.


One of Donna’s favorite things to do is to take something that is rundown and then rehab it into something beautiful. This includes real estate as well as lives.  

When Donna speaks, it is from the heart, and her lessons come from life and business experience. She tells it like it is. She is not formal, pretentious or stuffy. She is just Donna, real and true. Nothing means more to her than to be able to touch someone and make a difference in their life. It will be her legacy.

Mission Statement: "My dream is to be a breath of fresh air and inspire others to follow their dreams and live their most fulfilling life possible. I want others to believe in their own possibilities without self-imposed limits and to see for themselves their unlimited potential."

Corporate and Real Estate Coaching

Donna is an experienced speaker and presenter in the Corporate and Real Estate realm. Whether you are looking for an inspirational or informative speech or a presentation based on current events, business, or real estate, she can design a presentation fit for you. Donna's most frequently requested speeches address current business trends, real estate expertise, and the psychology and methodology of success.

Inspiring Individual Groups

Donna is available to speak on various life subjects relating to the individual needs of the audience. Group Speaking presentations can be designed to specifically suit your needs. 

Some of the many topics include:

- Life transitioning after loss of jobs, loved ones, or partners

- Finding Focus when you have lost sight of your dream

- Getting off the Hamster Wheel and taking control of your life

- How to rebound after failure

- Completely Redesigning Your Life

- Individual Blueprint Your Dreams classes and coaching

College Students and Teens

Donna understands that this age group has its own set of challenges. This is a very transitional time: a time of excitement and of fear of change. Young people this age are discovering who they are and who they want to be. There is an excitement to be free and make your own decisions, yet the responsibilities that come with adulthood can be intimidating.

Donna speaks to these struggles, touching on topics including:

- Being adaptable

- How to deal with every day struggles

- It's okay to fail - that's how you learn - just take a “Do Over”

- The difference between Social Reality and your own reality

- How to push past fear, Dream Stealers, and naysayers

- How to design the future you dream of

- How to make a life Blueprint in order to succeed

Donna’s presentations are conversational, interactive and relatable. The feedback is inspiring and the audience leaves with a feeling of comfort, focus and faith in their future and themselves. Each audience member receives a personalized Blueprint designed specifically for them. These Blueprints will enable them to easily design their future and follow their dreams.

Children and Young People

Donna believes it is very important to start inspiring children and young people at an early age, when their sense of self and who they are is just beginning to form. Could you imagine how much further along many of us would be if we had learned some of life’s lessons earlier? These are the types of lessons schools can't teach. It is time for the next generation to have the learning opportunities we did not have. 

Donna loves to present for schools and private groups. It makes such a difference in the children’s lives, their future, and in our future world as a whole. She modifies her presentations to connect with the ages of the children in the audience and is interactive, engaging the kids to get involved. Donna teaches children through parable-like stories that are relatable to the lessons we all need to learn.

Topics include:

- Bullying

- Being adaptable

- "You become who you believe you are"

- "Without struggles we wouldn’t fly"

- Do not allow others to steal your dreams

- How to be yourself in a world of agreement reality

The results are impressive. Many parents and teachers have noticed a difference in the self-esteem, thought processes, and decision making skills of their kids after experiencing these presentations.

Interested in having Donna speak at your event, business, or school?

Availability is worldwide. Travel and expenses to be negotiated.

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"Dream bigger, live better" Testimonials

Never Loses Sight of the Reader

"This is a self-help book for people who don’t generally read them. Full of simple wisdom, its advice: Get off your duff and take charge of your life, is exactly what I needed. She writes well, laces the book with personal experience and insight, tells of her trials and triumphs, but never loses sight of you, her reader. It is a short book, the kind you read a few pages at a time. Its pleasure and utility sets you up to have a productive day, a good day, the kind of day you hope to have. Check it out." - Fred R. Weiss

Practical Approach

"Doctors need help too, sometimes. Thank you, Donna! My library is full of inspirational books; so "Dream Bigger, Live Better" caught my attention. So much of the previous inspirational literature is impractical. Your practical, how-to-do-it approach... from your own experienxes... is quite refreshing. My life's potential has not been fulfilled. With the help of this wonderful book, I plan to dream bigger and live better." - Lanny F. Wilson; Hinsdale, IL

Make Your Own Success

 “Over the years I have read too many self help books to remember. This author has captured an idea for self help that does not rely on climbing on the backs of others to be successful. The idea of making your own success by ignoring and avoiding those who would “steal your dreams” is a unique and fresh approach to success. This book is for anyone who has been held back by negative feedback from friends, family, teachers, bosses, etc. Anyone whose negative feedback has stolen their self-confidence to achieve their dreams.” - Robert E; St. Louis, MO

Inspiring and Positive

“This book is a MUST read, I couldn’t put it down! It is so inspiring, like Donna Palm herself. Donna is such a dynamic lady and yet is very vulnerable. She meets challenges head on and overcomes them in a most positive manner. The book is very well written and an inspiration to anyone who reads it.” - Pamela Cherry; Brittany, France

Real World Application

 “This is real world stuff and not some pie in the sky mantra stuff you repeat over and over to yourself. I wouldn’t call it motivational but instead a map as to how to live a more productive life!” - Ron Turner; Palmetto, FL

Engaging and Impactful

"This book is so inspiring and encouraging! Donna really encourages people to take action to perfect their lives and live the way they want to live. Not only does she deliver some time-old advise with a new twist that really gets you thinking, but she also teaches new lessons based off her own experiences and makes it all so relatable! I go back to this book whenever I need encouragement. Definitely worth the read! Tip of my own: mark up the text! It makes a difference! And don’t skip over the worksheets and “personal best” lists. It really is a good thing to go back to when you need to pick yourself up!" - Deaven P; Venice, FL

Rebel With A Cause

One of Many Videos Produced to Promote the first edition of Dream Bigger Live Better

It's OK To Screw Up

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No Dream stealers allowed

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